2021 District Tournament Score Reporting

This link should be used only by Tournament Directors and their designees to enter scores from the District tournament results.


Athletic Trainers are in attendance at all District 3 tournaments. Please recognize that they are professionals and provide quality care for players in the event of an injury. Allow them to do their job without interference until help is requested by the trainer. Per Minnesota Hockey By-law, X. DISTRICT, REGION AND STATE TOURNAMENTS, M. MEDICAL ATTENTION, ".....The retained medical personnel has the final say on whether an injured player can return to the game."

LEAGUE PLAY FINAL STANDINGS - D3 Standings Bylaws, Rules and Regs


5.9.1    All District 3 league games will be used to determine final league standings based on the Minnesota Hockey Youth “Playing Rules – Fair Play.”

5.9.2    In case of a tie for any position in the final league standings, district seeding will be determined by applying the following criteria in order of definition:

5.9.2a    Head to head competition among the tied teams, determined by points (2 for a win, 1 for a tie, 1 Fair Play point). The position of each team is determined in order of highest total point count, regardless of the number of times the tied teams met in league play.

5.9.2b    Most wins in League play.

5.9.2c    Fewest losses in League play.

5.9.2d    Most Fair Play points earned in League play.

5.9.2e    Largest goal differential among tied teams. (six goal max per game).

5.9.2f    Greatest quotient; goals for divided by goals against among the tied teams.

5.9.2g    Largest goal differential for all league play. (six goal max per game).

5.9.2h    Greatest quotient, goals for divided by goals against for all league play.

5.9.2i    Flip of a coin done by league official in the presence of the District Director.

5.9.2j    In the event of a three way tie, using tie-breaker rules beginning with 5.9.2. will be used to determine the #3 seed among the tied teams. The #3 seed is then eliminated. The remaining two teams will start over beginning with tie-breaking rules in 5.9.2.  to determine final seeding.

5.9.2k    In the event of a four way tie, the same process will be used to eliminate the lowest remaining seed. When a position has been determined by the criteria in 1-5, and there are at least two teams remaining in a tied condition, then the tie breaking criteria will be reinitiated among the remaining teams. 24 The League Champion will be the number one seed in district playoffs as determined above. The League Runner-up will be the number two seed as determined in Section 21.

5.9.3 Teams that are tied at the end of regulation time each receive one point. If a sudden death overtime period is played, the team scoring first will receive one additional point.

D3 Tournament Hosts (updated 11/12/2021)

Level Association Host
10U A North Metro
10U B1 St. Louis Park
10U B2 St. Louis Park
12U A Minneapolis
12U B1 Orono
12U B2 Delano
15U A Minneapolis
15U B Osseo Maple Grove
Bantam AA Armstrong Cooper
Bantam A Wayzata
Bantam B1 Hopkins
Bantam B2 Osseo Maple Grove
Bantam C Wayzata
Peewee AA Wayzata
Peewee A Osseo Maple Grove
Peewee B1 Armstrong Cooper
Peewee B2 Mound Westonka
Peewee C Minneapolis
Squirt A Osseo Maple Grove
Squirt B1 Wayzata
Squirt B2 Delano
Squirt C Orono