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    2019 D3 Tournament Winners

    • Wayzata BAA Champs
    • Delano BA Champs
    • Wayzata BA 3rd Seed
    • OMG Black BB1 Champs
    • Wayzata BB1 2nd Seed
    • Delano BB1 3rd seed
    • Mpls 12U A Champs
    • OMG Crimson 12U B 2nd Seed
    • Orono PA Champs
    • Armstrong Cooper PA 2nd Seed
    • Mpls PA 3rd Seed
    • Orono - PB2 Champs
    • Mpls PB1 3rd Seed
    • Mpls Black PB2 2nd Place
    • OMG Crimson PB2 3rd Place
    • Mpls Purple PB2 Consolation Champs

    Welcome to District 3

    Welcome to the District 3 website.  The information on this site is to help members of the District 3 community keep informed on what is going on in our associations and at the state and national levels.  

    Managers: important information for you is listed in the Top Level tab titled Team Managers.  

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